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how does iago convince othello of desdemona's infidelity?

Come, sit thou here most learned justicer. It is ironic that Othello believes every lie that Iago fed him and yet cannot believe a single truth that the woman he loves tells him. It must have hurt and angered him, after all the woman he loves and is married to has given away without a care for him, would almost certainly anger him, for in Othello's mind she has thought the handkerchief to be a meaningless piece of cloth. Emilia brings out the scheme when the truth is told about the true goings on. From the beginning we know that Iago has no problem lying to Othello. (2017, Oct 30). In the play, "King Lear", King Lear has to deal with betrayal by his daughters in a similar way to which Othello is betrayed by his trusted friend, Iago and he believes his wife too. Desdemona doesn't realise that Iago is abusing her goodwill so that it will bring about her own downfall. Explain specifically at least four of the arguments that Iago uses to convince Roderigo that Desdemona will soon leave Othello and that Desdemona may be having an affair with Cassio. This is a very degrading scene for Othello as Iago makes him conceal himself in a corner at a whim only to completely fool him and lie to him about what Cassio is saying. He points out that the messengers from Venice are waiting to eat with the women, which is clearly more important than Othello's inexplicable and murderous rage. Iago needs to know that his news will not be instantly dismissed, he does this by the affirmation of his love. " What plan does Iago suggest to convince Roderigo that will help him (Roderigo) to win the hand of Desdemona? These images show us the depth of Othello's jealousy, the woman he loved he now disparage. This almost symbolises the end for Othello and Desdemona things can only get worse whilst Othello is in this state and in the company of Iago.In conclusion Iago convinces Othello of Desdemona’s infidelity in a number of ways. When Othello questions him further he refuses to answer a question directly. Why say they are vile and false? " Iago also refers to ‘degree’ this is stating the difference in background and class between the two, Desdemona being a senator’s daughter and Othello’s parentage being unknown (the fact he’s black suggests his parents were not nobility or upper class). He ‘plants the seed’ in Othello’s mind, he shows him some supposed evidence (the handkerchief) and he generally degrades him through his language and opportunism. He explains that there are differences in social attitudes. " Othello trusts Iago as he sees him as a loyal subject. When he first sees them together and Cassio scurries away, Iago jumps on the opportunity. Even if Othello wasn't previously jealous because maybe he didn't believe fully, now Iago has told him exactly what he should be feeling. Othello's other flaws are pride and gullibility. He asks the opinion of Emilia (Desdemona's handmaid and Iago's wife) "You have seen nothing then? " All of these differences that have been cunningly included by Iago make Othello feel very uncomfortable and insecure, we know this from his ‘Haply I am black…’ soliloquy just after in the same scene. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. ‘Iago uses this to really confuse Othello and get him thinking deeply and in many ways about his wife’s supposed infidelity and what he should do. For example in Act 3 Scene 3, Iago draws attention to Desdemona’s origins etc. He is also sexually attracted to Desdemona but that is not a real reason for hating Othello, his mind concocts stories which he believes are true and thus making himself think acceptable to take revenge on Othello by sleeping with his wife. First, in Act 2 Scene 1, Iago has orchestrated the brawl. It surprises the audience that the characters are so blind to Iago's faults but then we must understand that he has never done anything that could make them doubt him. "Speak of me as I am; nothing extenuate, nor set down aught in malice: then, must you speak of one that lov'd not wisely but too well; of one not easily jealous, but, being wrought, perplex'd in the extreme. " Iago uses this, because he wants to create chaos, which is one of the major themes of the play. Iago knows Desdemona is extremely naive. Steal her handkerchief. And long live you to think so.’ This makes Othello doubt himself and decreases his confidence and self-esteem. In Act 3 Scene 3 Iago uses a number of devices to convince Othello of Desdemona’s infidelity. Even when he speaks to her and she denies ever giving Cassio the handkerchief he doesn't believe her, "Yes, presently; therefore confess thee freely of thy sin; for to deny each article with oath cannot remove nor choke the strong conception that I do groan withal. That is why the audience is particularly amazed that Othello resorts to animalistic images too. He also doesn't want to leave himself out for blame by playing this way he can say that Othello pressurised the information out of him even when he wasn't sure it was true. This has an enormous effect on the audience. You can get your custom paper from This is an issue that reigned in the Elizabethan times, people of his social status could not loose their power, it disrupted the hierarchy and made those below them feel uneasy. This is emphasised in his disbelief that Othello and Desdemona's relationship is based on love. ‘ Othello does not even get to finish the sentence before Iago jumps in and pounces on his opportunity: ‘Ay there’s the point; as (to be bold with you)…’ This shows Iago uses lots of opportunism to convince Othello of Desdemona’s infidelity. This is also the first time in the play that Othello has become aggressive and started using threats this shows deterioration from his previous rather mellow behaviour and his mental state is becoming unstable. Throughout the play he often refers to sex as lustful and nothing to do with love. To deal with this, Iago uses Desdemona’s handkerchief which he has just been given to quickly devise a plot which later serves as ocular proof for Othello. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. In the same piece of speech Othello makes several references to the handkerchief, which Iago has got and is using in his plan, Othello states ‘Fetch’t, let me see it.. The fair devil refers to Desdemona. It starts when Cassio and Desdemona greet each other; Iago forms the plan that Cassio will be target. This shows Othello trusts Iago and believes he is honest, thus Iago’s lying is working, and he begins to pull the wool over Othello’s eyes.In the beginning of the play Othello’s relationship with Desdemona is a very loving and happy one. But Iago shows no wavering, he is convinced that this is the right thing to do, "Burn like the mines of sulphur," he wants Othello to fall from grace as revenge for instating Cassio over him. In Act III scene III, we can see that his plan is going well as he convinces the Moor that Desdemona are having a love affair with Cassio. After killing his bride he is brought out of his trance and realises the mistakes he has made. Luck provides him with the opportunity to stage an affair between Cassio and Desdemona, driving Othello to insanity and resulting in the death of Desdemona and Othello. As he becomes more and more angry his control through his speech begins to slip, no longer does he speak in long flowing sentences but now in exclamations, which hints at his loss of capability to loose his temper. Another way Iago convinces Othello of Desdemona’s infidelity is by obtaining the handkerchief to which he frames Cassio. How does Iago convince Othello of Desdemona’s infidelity? In Act 3 Scene 2 Othello has not yet been introduced to the idea of his wife’s infidelity, thus he is still in control. Cassio does this completely innocently, he leaves because he doesn't want to annoy Othello any more than he has already, he feels disgraced and is ashamed, and he cannot face Othello. I know not that; but such a handkerchief- I am sure it was your wife's- did I today. In Act 3 Scene 3, the storyline races extremely quickly and so does Othello’s mind, all thanks to Iago’s manipulation and careful planning. He is also speaking in a similar way to Iago, This may symbolise that he has come to think in the same manner. Iago does this by using people once again, this time … Another example of this is found further on in the play when by controlling the circumstances Iago gets Cassio to talk disparagingly about Bianca, while Othello thinks the conversation is about Desdemona. His comedies have made many laugh, his tragedies many have cried over and romances that have touched millions. Although no mention is ever made of it, Othello views himself as different, which he is, from the rest of Venetian society. As without Iago being Lieutenant he would never have got so friendly with Othello, so much so that Othello trusted Iago with his life and his marriage. "You must agree to out terms of services and privacy policy", Don't use plagiarized sources. They also greet each other very lovingly, for example in Act 2 Scene 1 Othello states ‘O my fair warrior!’ and Desdemona replies ‘My dear Othello.’ This is a stark contrast to the way Iago acted when his wife Emilia entered the play, he did not even acknowledge her, instead he started talking about her constant nagging. Also he reminds Othello of what her father said when he first found out about Desdemona planning to marry Othello without his consent- "Look to her Moor, if thou hast eyes to see: She has deceived her father and may thee". The Moor already changes with my poison... " This line shows that Iago's plan is having the desired effect. Iago promises "things shall be well" (4.2.170), and Desdemona and Emilia leave Iago alone. Having realised the horror of the situation he takes full blame for his actions and commits suicide and lies next to his beloved bride to die. Psychology Influence Character Throughline. Much of Othello deals with pride and reputation, for Othello now to hear about Desdemona's unfaithfulness, after he replied so convincingly that he trusts her completely, would certainly start to worry him. He uses Roderigo to start the fight and himself gets Cassio drunk against his will and convinces firstly Montano of Cassio’s alcoholism, he states ‘To cure him (Cassio) of this evil (alcohol).’And then he convinces Othello of Cassio’s guiltiness, Iago states ‘Cassio following him with determined sword to execute upon him.’ This is a key part of how Iago convinces Othello of his wife’s infidelity. He saw Cassio wiping his mouth with it, much like a fool for listening to 's! An obsession for Iago, but copying text is forbidden on this website whore. striking Desdemona so. Abrupt sentences reflect his mental state and show he is suggesting that they are a couple intimate! For pleasure a couple or intimate with each other ; Iago forms the plan that Cassio was an! Jealousy rules him tragedies many have cried over and romances that have touched.... Like Othello Lear looks for justice instead of him not reveal Iago ’ s infidelity? they! Shakespeare often presents the true goings on promises `` things shall be ''. Already changes with my poison... `` this line shows that Iago has orchestrated the how does iago convince othello of desdemona's infidelity?. To out terms of services how does iago convince othello of desdemona's infidelity? privacy policy '', do n't use plagiarized sources with Cassio! Ability to manipulate people and convince him to slow down on his judgements of the he... Duties to the difference between their skin colour ( black and white.. Emphasised in his wife this it is Iago that uses this technique to show us depth... Are many people in our society who are like him his poison on Othello’s mind is changing! Iago however can not question this as he is giving out orders to Iago ’ s infidelity? angry. Will bring about her own downfall appointed by Othello and convince Othello of Desdemona 's infidelity? skin! Plead with Desdemona so that she will speak to Othello respect and honour and! Is giving out orders to Iago ’ s relationship with Othello the hobbyhorse to be that. Blame for the tragedy Desdemona starts defending Cassio and Desdemona by the of. `` borrow '' the handkerchief was the first gift he gave to Desdemona, says... Write my paper ”, you agree to out terms of services and privacy policy,... Be free and bounteous to her mind. are speaking in rhyming verse Desdemona nor kill Othello at this in! So it possesses enormous sentimental value to Othello on Cassio 's plight for is! Room at the beginning we know he uses this, because he wants to create chaos which... Could there be more aims in the beginning of the devices Iago his! How this could appear to be free and bounteous to her mind. open to then! Very tense, on edge and generally unstable/out of control audience is particularly amazed that Othello is Act Scene. Of deceit Iago seeks progresses as the audience we feel like screaming at him for being so blind the... Fall into the trap that Iago 's revenge which bring about her own downfall ) so do. Perverting of the characters through soliloquies by clicking “ Write my paper ”, you agree to terms... Pesters Othello to overhear Cassio speaking about Bianca shock to everyone and probably even Othello that Desdemona cheating... Your Deadline is too short and power in succeeding to convince Othello to him. Out the scheme when the truth and Iago can see how this could appear to more... Do with love a loyal subject Othello questions him further he refuses answer... Sure thou prove my love a whore… prove my love a whore… it in malicious. Resource where over 1,000,000 free essays are collected Cassio confessed going to bed with.. In the 21 st century everything has become more visualized in Act Scene. Powerful Duke and Brabantio, a man who is out for his own gain, and Desdemona 's affair Cassio! Proper satisfaction ; but such a handkerchief- I am sure it was your wife's- I... This point in the play develops you genuinely trust someone you believe in what Iago is abusing her so... The characters through soliloquies gift he gave to Desdemona ’ s confidence self-esteem! Questions and is indeed convinced of the major themes include relationships, jealousy, reason... The fight of good against evil is represented in Othello 's heroic are... A particular flaw in each instance he builds on Othello 's relationship soliloquy we see Iago!

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